Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fabara To Seek Monserrate's Seat

Carlos Fabara, 54, is the newest candidate with hopes to fill the seat Councilman Hiram Monserrate's seat when he moves to the Senate in Albany.

There will be a special election in Febaurary 2009 for the seat in District 21 which encompasses Parts of Jackson Heights, Corona and Elmhurst.

The other candidates Jose Eduardo Giraldo
, Julissa Ferreras and Francisco Moya, are much younger than Fabra but according to his press release, Fabra sees this as an advantage.

Unlike Julissa Ferreras and Francisco Moya, the two other democrats running running in the February 2009 Special Election. Carlos Fabara, a Queens resident since 1961, is running to "share" part of District 21's government decision-making power with its registered voters. At the City University of New York Carlos developed two mechanisms and is offering to install them as councilman. The first one makes the voters tell the government if they approve or reject a bill; the second lets the public see in real-time on the Web, what their elected official is doing publicly.

Carlos Fabara says: "The first thing I will do the after I am elected councilman is issue a Proclamation establishing a Consituent Council in District 21 and granting the registered voters in that district the legal authority to decide which bills the City Council is considering, they will vote on, so that in the City Council I can always vote the same way at least 1-per-cent or more of the registered voters in District 21 voted on a bill.

I am have been webcasting what my electoral campaign on Justin.tv for some time now, and as your councilman I will webcast my public meetings live, and archive them so anyone can view them on-demand. My private meetings will not be webcast. Your vote in this Special Election will be the most important vote you cast in your life, because it will make it possible for a New York City councilman to provide real-time governmental transparency and accountability to his constituents, and that will improve government service delivery.

My teachers at PS 19, IS 61, and Newtown High School, and York College, in Jamaica, where I obtained my B.A. in political science, taught me to think critically. The word "imagination" displayed prominently at the college's entrance inspired me to find ways to improve government. I also graduated from the NYPD Citizens Police Academy.

I am 54, and I have lived in Queens for 20-years longer than the other two candidates, so I am older, wiser, and more conscious. Our son Carlos Jr. was born in 1976, and is part of Julissa Ferraras and Francisco Moya's generation. I am honest, and I was brought up to respect and consider others, and to do what is correct -- even when it is inconvenient. As a teenager, I delivered "The Long-Island Star Journal" to people's houses in Jackson Heights. At 15, independently, I published a newspaper against the war in Vietnam. At 21, I married my college sweetheart and we have two sons, Carlos Jr. is a police officer.

For decades, I have specialized in separating the facts from the lies, processing information and disseminating it to help others live better. I produced television commercials for Channel 41. I published a tourist magazine for 5-years and quadrupled sales and circulation. I worked as a radio news reporter for Free Speech Radio News and WBAI. Today I produce streaming media and host QueensTalkRadio.com.

I volunteered in Rudy Giuliani's campaign to be elected mayor. I interned at Councilman Hiram Monserrate's district office and observed what a city councilman and his assistants do. After he was elected to the State Senate, I decided to run for office and continue improving Corona, East Elmhurst, Elmhurst, Jackson Heights, and Willets Point. I attend City Council sessions and public hearings regularly, and I have researched government and politics and written extensively about this field which is a mystery to most people, but which needs to become less mysterious, more transparent, and more taxpayer friendly, and welcome taxpayer input, to provide more taxpayer satisfaction.

Since I was a child, I have talked with many people who live in District 21, the most diverse community in the world. I know at least some of the things they need and want. For example, my research indicates that many registered voters in District 21 and in all the United States want a greater say in how the government makes decisions. Last November voters said yes or no to 153 ballot initiatives, and even reversed one law. The taxpayers finance government and the government will be wise to listen to the registered voters. I believe taxpayers should have the right to tell the government what they think about the most important laws the City Council will vote on. Towards that goal, I will establish a Constituent Council and authorize the registered voters in District 21 to vote on the issues, so my vote in the City Council matches the will of the majority of my constituents. My research, also indicates that people's trust in politicians continues to dwindle. For a relationship to work, people have to trust each other. Your vote will allow me to begin to reviving trust in government. I think the best way to do that is by providing New York City's taxpayers real-time governmental transparency and accountability by letting anyone who is interested see what this new councilman does, and see what I do live. Taxpayers deserve transparent governance, and "sunlight is the best disinfectant.

Thank you for your support.
People for Fabara

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