Monday, December 8, 2008

Great Queens Soup Search: Death by Lentil Soup Part II

Brothers Pizzeria & Restaurant
185-04 Horace Harding Expwy.
Fresh Meadows
(718) 445-7888
Soup: Lentil Soup

The Good News: I was cold, craving soup and not expecting anything glorious. So, of course, what do I find at this old-fashioned pizzeria? An utterly delightful, thick brown brew of lentil goodness, chockful of adorably-stubby mini Rigatoni pasta. I couldn't get over the volume of this soup -- tasty -- and incredibly affordable ($3.50 for a hearty bowl).

The Bad News: What can I pick at..what can I pick at..well, they didn't serve the soup with crackers, which I guess would be a problem if you prefer crackers to perfectly-cooked Rigatoni pasta.

The Verdict: A great, inexpensive find. You won't find a lot of variety here, but the soup is outstanding.

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Anonymous said...

Have never had the soup, but the pizza is as good as it gets. Very traditional NY pizza, just great!