Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Great Queens Soup Search: Kane's Diner

Kane's Diner
4415 College Point Blvd.
(718) 463-5787
Soup: Chicken Noodle

The Good News: Long threads of spaghetti replace soggy noodles. Celery, carrots, gloriously big chunks of chicken and -- ooh -- just enough of a garlicky punch to leave an interesting taste on the tongue.

The Extra-Special Good News: A Christmas tree! Poinsettias! Signed photographs of Brian Williams galore! Love the homey decor at Kane's -- the vintage maple syrup dispensers at each table and the menus -- oh the menus -- reminiscent of a teenage girl's scrapbook.

The Sort-of Bad News: The menus are a bit difficult to decipher. The impatient diner will have trouble locating a list of soups obscured within cut-out glossy photos of food items and headshots of Billy Joel, Shirley Temple and Princess Diana.

The Verdict: I love Kane's Diner and would return any time for a garlic kick and the chance to break bread with Brian Williams.

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