Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Great Queens Soup Search: Death by Lentil Soup Part III

The Blue Bay Diner
58-50 Francis Lewis Blvd.
Oakland Gardens
(718) 225-6333
Soup: Lentil Soup

If you've ever eaten a meal or a snack and realized, only after the table has cleared, that you've eaten anything at all, you will understand the uninspired experience of eating most lentil soups (I would throw rice cakes, celery and Subway sandwich bread into the same consuming pit of fire, if given a chance).

To be fair, Queens residents don't frequent Blue Bay for its soups. If you're a teenager, you go for their cheese fries. If you are an adult, you go for their three-egg omelettes and hot open sandwiches. With that in mind...

The Good News: Well-cooked lentils.

The Really Good News: This. Any diner willing to devote an entire web page to their soup schedule is alright by me.

The Bad News: Broth is on the watery side. Lacked salt, pepper and cumin. Miniscule splinters of onion, carrot and celery say a lot about the sous chef's ability to wield a Santoko knife but add little to the soup's flavor.

Verdict: Consider me a slave to Blue Bay's soup schedule. I shall return to taste Greek Egg Lemon soup.

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