Friday, December 5, 2008

Secretary Liu?

President elect Obama has become the pretext for a maddening swirl of speculation. Who is he going to appoint? To what post? Why? Who stands to benefit here? How smart a move is this? And while Obama has scooped up several of our own, a new name has cropped up in the chatter.

Both DailyKos and Wired have tossed Councilman John Liu's name (D-Flushing) into the ring as a suitable appointment for Transportation Secretary. As Chair of the City Council's Transportation Committee, he certainly has the wherewithal and knowledge.

But so far, Obama has gone for a slam dunk staff, and Representative Earl Blumenauer is the heavy favorite for the slot.

In the meantime, Lui has quietly launched his Public Advocate campaign website, oddly similar to POTUS-elect's. Hmmmm....

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