Sunday, November 16, 2008

Beating Danny's Dromm

In case you didn't know it, gay activist and district leader Danny Dromm is officially running for City Council in the seat currently held by Helen Sears. His new Web site highlights his career, talks about the issues and send links to his blog, which has entries running since July 2007.


NFP said...

Dromm is an interesting political position. As a strong candidate to unseat Sears, one of the self-serving councilmembers who voted herself a four-year term extension, Dromm will have to take on the Queens Democratic Couny Organization which has taken him in and been supportive of his efforts. We're not sure that Dromm has the Monserrate gene or is more of the go-along to get along type. It is a tough decision for the borough's leading gay advocate. The decision is complicate by the announced candidacy of Alfonso Quiroz, another strong gay, seemingly well-financed candidate, who has vowed to challenge Sears. Either Dromm or Quiroz could pose a formidable threat to the Sears tenure. If both run, Sears could probably waltz home. But word has it that she wants the seat for her son Stuart. He's no match for Dromm or Quiroz. So Helen may likely run again and unless one of the other two blink, Queens may not be electing their first openly official.

lindsay boy said...

DAnny has to keep another member of the Gay community from running. If not, together they give helen an opening...divide the oposition is the key to winning for helen. One on one...Queens gets a new and refreshing councilmen