Saturday, November 22, 2008

Proposed MTA Boycott...

C'mon, you saw this coming, didn't you? Some strap hanger would call for a knee-jerk boycott as soon as the MTA said it would increase fares. But who would have thought it would be a man in our borough?

Louis Kenny has the bona fides to complain. He practically lives on mass transit.
The South Jamaica man takes the D and E lines, as well as two buses, to make the 2-1/2-hour commute to his job as a cook at a halfway house in the South Bronx.

Some bloggers have taken up the charge.

Could it actually pan out? With ridership as high as it is, a full-on boycott has a snow-ball's chance in hell. But plummeting gas prices may also have the desired effect.

But how can you boycott the subways? I mean really? There's so much fun to be had there.


Peter said...

is the spelling on his flyer a play on words? Perhaps he meant to write un-fair hike.

Joe Orovic Queens Tribune Reporter said...

I can't really discern his intentions. He might just not know the difference between fair and fare? The infamous "their, there and they're" monologue is bubbling up inside of me and the voice of every English teacher I've ever had is echoing in my mind. Thanks for bringing back the great memories, Peter.