Saturday, November 22, 2008

HSBC Field?

With Citigroup losing 89 percent of its value in the last year and competing banks swimming in like sharks smelling blood in the water, it certainly raises the question as to whether Citigroup will even make it out of the off-season to make good on the first of its 20-year, $20 million a year commitment to partner with the New York Mets.

Usually talkative team VP Dave Howard told the Post to seek comment from Citi over the agreement, leading to a speculation that perhaps the Mets may already be bracing themselves for the ax to fall.

I took the liberty of creating this imagined new stadium facade, should HSBC win out in the Citigroup feeding frenzy. At least the colors still match.

1 comment:

NFP said...

While I admire your Photoshop work, I question your judgement about an imaginary replacement for Citigroup coming from the financial sector. Target, Walmart or some discounter thriving during the economic woes would be more likely to rescue the Mets exorbitant naming right windfall. Me, I'll probably always call it Shea.