Saturday, November 22, 2008

Too Many Votes?

According to NY1, Allison Padavan, a teacher in Spain who is also the daughter of State Sen. Frank Padavan, voted via absentee ballot, unsure if she was going to make it home in time to vote.
Well, she did, and voted a second time at her home polling place.
Though not illegal by Board of Elections standards, the voted-twice but only counted-once conundrum does add a new layer to the ongoing recount between Padavan the incumbent and Jim Gennaro, the Councilman vying to replace him.
As of the latest numbers, the difference between the contestants grants Padavan a lead of less than 500 with 8,000 affidavits and absentee ballots being counted.

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Anonymous said...

It is hardly a conundrum at all. The absentee ballot clearly states that if the voter is at home on Election Day, that voter must vote at his polling place.

What's so hard to understand about the rules! It's not legalese!